What started as a summer jam group of students & recent grads from the Rochester, NY area quickly expanded into a powerful eight piece pop-funk band called USP. Known for energetic cover arrangements as well as groovy, ambitious original tunes, USP brings a youthfully powerful presence to both the stage and the studio.

Every song features a commanding rhythm foundation, intricate horn sections, and emotive lyrics that are clearly showcased in USP’s debut EP, Sidetracked. Preceded by two singles, “One Way Ride” and “Can’t Go On”, Sidetracked displays both the band’s skilled musicianship and their passion for blending popular influences with deeper musical roots in funk, rock, and jazz.

USP continues to exhibit their performance flexibility with a YouTube series called the “Groove Cellar” — a livestream concert series in a basement that provides a more intimate look at their music-making process. The up-and-coming group has had performances all across the Northeast, most recently making their first appearance at the 2023 Rochester International Jazz Festival. 

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